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Sponsoring a Weekender

If our Lord has called you to sponsor a Christian friend, your purpose is to help develop and encourage his/her spiritual growth and then to support the ongoing dedication of his/her life in grace.

Download Sponsor information (PDF - Acrobat version) (Microsoft Word version)

Before you become a sponsor . . .

  • Have a home church, participate in a renewal group and attend Ultreyas regularly.
  • Be prepared to stay in close contact with the new 4th Dayer for up to one year. Be sensitive to the length of time a 4th Dayer wants your support.
  • Do not plan on serving on team at the same time as sponsoring.
  • Ask the Lord for guidance and help to enable you to carry out your responsibilities as a sponsor.

You have a friend who would like to attend . . .

  • Pick up application forms from the weekender's home church liaison or print the Weekender Application form (Word, PDF) from this web site. Fill them out properly, and submit them following the procedures given by the liaison. To avoid disappointment, never promise the weekender acceptance for a specific date.
  • In case you are not well-acquainted, take time to get to know the prospective weekender. If you know there will be responsibilities or support you are not able to fulfill for your weekender, find a Co-Sponsor. Be sure the weekender gets acquainted with him/her.

Additional preparations . . .

  • Explain that complete attendance is expected for the weekend.
  • Explain start and end times of the weekend.
  • Explain renewal groups and larger gatherings, but don't use terminology the weekender is not familiar with.
  • Contact your liaison person for additional information – including when to submit the $35 application fee.

The liaison will provide you with additional information on your responsibilities, what to tell your prospective weekender, etc. This document is only a partial list of your responsibilities and the information you need to provide to the weekender.