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Newsletter Change

The council has decided to eliminate the expenses of printing and mailing a newsletter which is approximately $20,000 per year. The revenues received at this time cannot support the printing and mailing expenses.

We will continue to produce an electronic newsletter on our website. We realize some of you may not have access to the Internet and may wish to have the newsletter sent to you. We would need accurate mailing addresses and a willingness to pay for the expense.

If you choose to get your newsletter from the web site, you will be sent an e-mail notification when a new one is posted. To get this notification, you need to sign up for it below.

Please complete all of the information below and press the “CONTINUE” button at the bottom.

If you are not sure where to put something, or have questions or comments, explain in the “COMMENTS” box.

Thank you for filling in as much as possible. Your effort will help us to make sure our database is up to date.

If your husband or wife has not attended, you do not need to fill in their information.

Last Name:
First Name: (if married, husband here)
First Name: (if married, wife here)
E-mail address:
Zip Code+4: -
Home Phone: - -  
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Work Phone: - -
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Home Church:
Church Location: (City, State)
Please choose: I have no Internet access and would like my newsletter mailed to me, and I am willing to pay for a newsletter subscription.
  I have Internet access and will get my newsletter on the VdC website. Sign me up to get e-mail notification when a newsletter is available.