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Convener's Corner — December 2017

Brothers and Sisters in Christ;

Believe it or not Christmas is upon us. With that we all remember the miracle brought to us from God. The birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. For he was born so that each of us will have eternal life. As we are given this gift of Jesus, we must in turn pass this on to those less fortunate than ourselves. This is the time of year we most often remember those people and reach out to them with our good will, however we are urged to continue this action everyday.

Also, at this tie keep in mind your Brothers and Sisters in Christ in the Via de Cristo! If you sponsored someone, send them a card or at the least give them a call and see how they are doing and see what you can do the help out the Via de Cristo. If you weren't a sponsor or maybe you worked on team or even if you weren't on team and just thinking about someone you know in the VdC send them a card or call them and set up a time to have a cup of coffee somewhere or at someone's house just to say "DeColores." I realize it is a busy time, but you would be surprised what an impromptu meeting can do for a friendship. As I was told once by a good friend, "It's good to have Christ between us."

I am also asking for all Cursillista's of the Minnesota Via de Cristo to help us out financially with whatever you can spare to support this great Ministry as our yearly pledge forms have been sent out. As this Ministry has helped us all out in one way or another I ask that you please help out and give back. Thank you in advance.

I also would like to thank all of the 4th dayer's who stepped up into leadership positions this year along with sponsoring weekenders and those who served on team in any capacity. Thank you so much! God called us all to serve and that is what keeps this Movement going. Great Job and I look forward to positively moving forward in 2018!

Brothers and Sisters, God loves you and so do I,


Scott Erickson
Minnesota Via de Cristo Convener

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