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Convener's Corner — September 2017

Brothers and Sisters in Christ;

I have often wondered if anyone read the Conveners Corner newsletters. I was a bit surprised at the response I got at the NLS gathering in North Carolina in July. As I missed the July letter, so I apologize for not getting that one out. I just didn't feel I had anything come to me that was substantive and I don't want to put some mundane words together that convey nothing. So, I will do my best to write something that will get you thinking and something to ponder or put into action.

Now that fall is fast approaching along with weekends coming up very quickly we all need to step back, pray and use our talents that God has given us. There are many ways we can use our talents to please God. One is by working on team. Sometimes it's not easy, but we all learn to overcome adversity or roadblocks to accomplish a task. If you can't work on team, people can also be the support group of 4th dayers to make the Thursday night meal for the team, set up the Agape dinner, make and help in the kitchen for the Agape dinner or serenade. These are all tasks that I think get overlooked on many weekends as to how we all can add value or make the weekend easier for the team members.

I know that many of you have sponsored weekenders and to you we all Thank You! Without sponsors we would not be where we are today. I have to say because of each and every one of you that has gone through a weekend and sponsored others and continuously give to the Via de Cristo of Minnesota we are very well represented at the NLS! Thank You.

Because of you many people across this great country and in this great ministry recognize Minnesota and it is something to be proud of. We not only have one of the largest 4th day communities in the U.S. but we also have had and continue to have leadership in the NLS. Mark Marxhausen, Diane Purcell and now just elected Wendy Showalter as the new President of the National Lutheran Via de Cristo. Congratulations and thank you all.

During and after this NLS I had to sit back and reflect on the business meetings and the workshops I attended and realized. There is much work to do to keep this very large organization moving forward in this state. I am going to ask that all of the 4th day community to take a look at where you're at and what you are doing. If you have not served in many years or even never, please step up and get involved. If you know of someone who has dropped out and is not active, try to get that person active. Get into a renewal group, this is key to rekindling the fire we seem to be losing in places. If you're stuck in a rut this could help you out. We also need leaders! I know there are more people out there that can step up and take on a leadership position and run with it! Get on a team that is a great renewal in itself. And for those who are very active. Keep it up you are doing great! And Thank You.

Remember, Christ is counting on you!

Your Brother in Christ,

Scott Erickson
Minnesota Via de Cristo Convener

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