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Convener's Corner — March 2017

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Welcome to the season of Lent. As we look forward to one of the most important events in the Christian calendar. This time of year people have different ways of observing the Lenten season, usually by giving up something such as sweets, bread, smoking or whatever. When it comes to sacrifices God sent his Son to be sacrificed for our sins. Jesus knowingly paid the ultimate price by sacrificing his life on the Cross and we are the beneficiaries of his selfless action. We as believers receive the gift of eternal life because of his love and unselfishness for us.

As members of the Via de Cristo we also will give of ourselves. Our time and talent on team and our desire to bring in weekenders as sponsors. Thinking of others is something we need to keep top of mind in a world today that is all about "me". As we give of ourselves not only in the VdC, but in everyday life we also get back in the satisfaction we get as we serve others by helping or giving of something to a neighbor, friend or co-worker. Sometimes the smallest effort can make a big difference to someone else. Just as Christ was sent to us to be a servant, let us also emulate his role as a servant in our churches, communities and wherever else we are active.

If you are not in a renewal group, get one together or join one. If you haven't been active in the VdC for a while start by working a weekend on team, sponsoring someone or if you're not on team, volunteering to help with other tasks that need to be done on the weekend from fourth dayer's. This is a way to help others and stay active in the VdC. If we stay active everyone benefits and remember "Christ is counting on you".

I also want to thank those who sent in their donations for our annual pledge drive. However we are going to be short this year. That is also another fact about this organization is that it takes money to run it. I am asking everyone whether individually or fourth day groups if God would so move you to contribute to this great organization and I will Thank You in advance.

Happy Easter and Blessings.

Scott Erickson
Minnesota Via de Cristo Convener

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