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Convener's Corner — October 2016

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

October is already upon us and I was thinking about the weekends. The Metro just completed one set, The North has a set coming up and the south has one co-ed weekend coming up in November. This is the time I would ask those who are not working on team to reach out and sponsor someone on an upcoming weekend. Maybe someone you know was thinking of going or was about to go on a weekend but never made it. Now would be a good time for them to go. When you take a look and see all that is happening around us. How our life has changed, this would be the time for these people that "should have", "could have", or "would have" gone to a weekend to finally take the step and go. To find out what God has in store for them. That he is always there for us, we just have to accept him into our hearts.

After a year and a half that my sponsor worked on me to go to my weekend, I finally said I would go. Then when we were on our way home I wondered why I waited so long! It was a life changing event that I will never forget and has been very rewarding for me.

So a Thank You goes out to those serving on team and for those sponsoring weekenders, as for the rest of us keep thinking of ways to help the weekend out. With Palanca, serenades, or helping in some other way your efforts are appreciated. Keep the fire burning! We have a great organization with great people. Remember Christ is counting on us.


Scott Erickson
Minnesota Via de Cristo Convener

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