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Convener's Corner — September 2016

Brothers and Sisters in Christ;

Last month I sent out congratulations to North Dakota for becoming our newest VDC Secretariat and also Mark Marxhausen for his new position as NLS spiritual director. With the congratulations I would also like to say a "Huge Thank You" to the Host committee Good News VDC of SE Michigan and NW Ohio & VDC of Ohio and all who were involved in the NLS at Lourdes University in Sylvania Ohio. From the efficient Logistics and transportation people who got us to and from the Airport at all hours to those who "carted" us to our destinations on campus. The friendly people at the registration desk who patiently directed us to our destinations. The people in the cafeteria serving delicious food, to the countless other volunteers that made this gathering possible and a very memorable event.

September is the time associated with harvest if you are a farmer and for the rest of us it's back to school, work and other extra curricular activities. A time for changing gears. From summer to fall and winter. With all that is going on I would like to remind everyone that we all need some "God time". It's the time we take to say a prayer to our Lord for Thanks, blessings, help, healing among many other concerns. During this time I would like everyone to pray for weekenders, those who knowingly or unknowingly will attend a VDC weekend. Also pray for sponsorship as this is part of what we are about. "Christ is counting on us". The upcoming weekends are on the Mn. VDC website as well as the newsletter that is emailed out.

Along with making a friend being a friend and bringing a friend to Christ, I would also like to encourage those people who recently went through their weekend to pray and consider working on team for an upcoming weekend. If you have questions concerning this you can talk it over with your sponsor or anyone else who has served on a VDC weekend. It is a great experience and as many team members will tell you it does as much for them as it does for the weekenders themselves. if you wish to get on a team there are forms on the website that can be filled out and will be directed to the weekend rectors of the weekend selected.

In this time of picking up the pace this fall let's not forget to turn toward God to keep us on track to accomplish the many tasks that we have to accomplish for ourselves and for our families and especially what we can do to serve our Lord.

God Loves you and so do I.

Scott Erickson
Minnesota Via de Cristo Convener

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