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Convener's Corner — June 2016

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I consider this quite an honor to be elected as the Convener of Lutheran Via de Cristo of Minnesota. When Steve Renquist stood to announce the election results and said, "Congratulations, Scott, you are the new Convener for 2016", I was somewhat "stunned". I would have never in my wildest hallucinations ever thought I would be in this position. I had to sit down for a time after coming home from that meeting and reflect on how I got here!

I attended my weekend in New London, Minnesota, #427 in February of 2004. As with thousands of you in the 4th Day community, it was fantastic!! I was energized. God had awakened me, giving me purpose with a motivation to get on a team and help others to experience what I had. Time has since flown by so fast - I am just short of working on 20 teams. With the help of North District leadership, my time came and I was asked to be a weekend Rector in Hallock, Minnesota. This was going to be a monumental task. This is where God equips the called, he doesn't call the equipped. The team on that weekend was second to none. It was difficult, but successful. I know that some did not think it would work in such a small town a few miles from Canada!! After the weekend a feeling of being a "has been" came over me now that a leadership position on team would not happen again.

God had other jobs in mind for me. I was asked to run for Director of the North District. I agreed to that and lost the election. I ran a second time and was elected Director-Elect. When we think we have a situation or something figured out, God may have other plans for us. We must keep an open mind. I can say I was "clueless." Every one of us has our ups and downs in our lifetimes, some more than others. We must ask God for guidance through the difficulties of life as He is always there for us. The difficult times are when we learn some of life's most valuable lessons. I learned you can be on top of the world until you go through a divorce, a loss of a job after 24 years, start a new business with little to no income while also managing kids in school. Through it all God is steadfast with each of us and provides for us. Whether he provides other Brothers and Sisters to help you up or He opens a door of opportunity for you to walk through, God truly equips the called.

In July of 2014 at the National Lutheran Secretariat gathering, God strengthened my faith. I met a very magnificent special lady who "Walks the Walk." It was a very enlightening time as the Lord used her to move my walk of faith forward with a greater understanding of what needed to be done to lead a more Godly life. I have since moved forward with very positive changes in my life - reading Scripture regularly, praying more often (rather than just at mealtime and bedtime), listening to Christian music and talk stations on the radio and just appreciating more of the simple things in life. God does provide. I have come to recognize that the stronger our faith is, the stronger our life becomes.

Through our trials and tribulations God is always there. We have to let Him in and ask Him to help us. There are times when each of us must step out of our comfort zones, pick up the ball and run with it. Many of you in Via de Cristo of Minnesota are very able and capable, and if you haven't already, I encourage you to take that leap of faith and ask: what can I do to grow this ministry, does that mean work on team, ask to be part of the local or state leadership team. After that, step back and pray for guidance as God may have you step into a position where you never thought in your wildest hallucinations you would ever be!


Scott Erickson
Minnesota Via de Cristo Convener

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