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Convener's Corner — November 2015

Have I Done Enough?

I imagine that some of you are like me – you find yourself wondering if you've done enough. I'm not discussing whether you're saved – we know that through God's Grace that if we believe Jesus died for our sins and rose again we are saved (one verse of many – 2 Cor. 1:21-22). Still, I wonder if, considering what God has given me – have I done enough? I can't find a biblical verse that ties our entry into Heaven to our worldly works. In fact Ephesians 2: 8-9 excludes our efforts from the salvation equation. Yet, as I acknowledge the gifts that I've been given, I can't help wondering if I should do more. Maybe it's the guilt that no matter what has been done – it's never enough – that's been imbued in me. I suppose I harbor a fear that it'll be either my wonderful Mother or Admiral Hiram Rickover standing at Heaven's gate and will ask me the fatal question, "Did you always do your best?" followed by the dreaded query, "Why Not?"

I imagine, as well, if you're receiving this newsletter, you're a member of Lutheran Via de Cristo's 4th Day Community. You participated in that closing ceremony to your weekend – you heard mucho advice on joining a 'small group' to keep your faiths recently acquired shot of enthusiasm alive. Being a Christian and a contributing member of Via de Cristo seemed so easy and our vision of what to do appeared with great clarity on that eventful day. And then life and the world intervened and it wasn't so simple and eventually you had doubts and you found yourself asking Have I Done Enough? Maybe you could do more – it never was between you and me anyway – the one that counts knows what you can do. There are many forms of doing more – giving of your time, teaching, sharing your Christian experience, mentoring a young person or a new member of the 4th Day Community and, if you are able – financially. Let your 'next chapter' be one where you engage with others and share your acquired wisdom and live your Christian life with courage, empathy, grace and love. Yup, you're right, the last sentence is easy to say but hard to do. We all need a plan . . . . What can you do? Start with prayer – ask for guidance. Are you active in your church – make yourself available – I guarantee they'll have something for you to do. The Via de Cristo 'Weekend' was wonderful and meaningful but it ended. Now what? You can be as active as you are able by rediscovering the program and recommitting your effort and participation at your comfort level. In fact, since it is broadly acknowledged that we Lutherans are quite clever – we named the program designed to refresh your experience – Rediscover and Recommit (R&R). We invite you to attend a four hour R&R workshop where you may find the keys to what excited you about Via de Cristo. For more information on the R&R Program and current Via de Cristo activities around our state check to see if your church currently has a VdC Liaison that can assist you or access our website at:

Our God Loves You and So Do I,

Steve Renquist
Minnesota Via de Cristo Convener

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