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Convener's Corner — October 2015

On Common Ground, A Spiritual Journey

I have often wondered why Via de Cristo has held a special significance for me. It has been easy these past 16 years to simply accept its impact on my spiritual life without question as many of us do in our faith experience. It has been more than enough to simply know 'that it works' every time for me. We can accept the notion of Grace, divine inspiration, or the Holy Spirit at work but some of us feel a particular level of inspiration from our Via de Cristo experience and wonder how or why.

If I've set you up for a theological or divinity school explanation where deep insight on the issue is probed – you're about to be disappointed. As a common man - I confess to everyday solutions and common thoughts but this is my current observation. Many of us spend our lives where 'church' was a special place to be put on a pedestal with lofty ideals that we could aspire to but never really achieve. After all, we're human with the unshakeable burden of original sin and our own multitude of failings. The aspiring to achieve without success can eventually discourage a person to the point where they simply quit trying.

What Via de Cristo has done, for me and I think for many, is to bring my faith to me on the common ground where I live. As I listen to the talks we receive – more than half delivered by folks just like me – I listen and I laugh and I cry – and Christ talks to me and the Holy Spirit works through the Rollos to reveal lessons just for me. And God's Grace is made real and it is for me and it is given to me right where I live – a common person walking on common ground. I so very much hope that you feel as I do. You can restore and renew your Via de Cristo experience – there are Weekends that need team members or individual event helpers – our Annual Appeal is a critical method of financially supporting this movement's work as it covers more than 1/3 of our annual budget – we need to promote Via de Cristo at our churches and to potential Weekenders – we're always looking for new members for our renewal groups. No matter if you simply want to dip a toe in the Via de Cristo lake or to jump in – we've a place just for you.

In my soon-to-follow next message I'll spend more time on specific areas where you may help yourself by helping the movement. In Via de Cristo we have another Spanish phrase we could use - Mucho Trabajo, which means much work. Friends, there is mucho trabajo to be done and Christ is counting on us – come help. God's blessings to you.

We know there is so very much that needs to be done. We know our God Is Counting on Us. We know Via de Cristo is not a 'spectator' organization as it needs our participation to flourish. The wonderful and amazing thing is there are so many ways in which we can participate — and they're all important!


Steve Renquist
Minnesota Via de Cristo Convener

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