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Convener's Corner — June 2015

Joy of Giving

There cannot exist an active and vibrant Lutheran Via de Cristo in Minnesota without the participation of its many friends and family. Many of us associate Joy of Giving to be related to your financial contribution to Via de Cristo. There can be no misunderstanding — Minnesota Lutheran Via de Cristo needs the financial contributions of its 4th Day Community to be able to continue its mission. In an effort to reduce financial stress and encourage participation by Weekenders or their Sponsors we, in Minnesota, have some of the lowest Weekender application fees in the United States. Many friends want to assist but are unsure what activity will be most helpful. The short answer is anything you want to do, or can do, will be helpful and appreciated. There are many ways of assisting financially — some by adding to our treasury and others by reducing our Weekend operational expense. There are many non-financial means of assistance as well. I've listed some of the abundant opportunities of promoting this Laity led movement and wonder how many I've missed. You may assist by:

We know there is so very much that needs to be done. We know our God Is Counting on Us. We know Via de Cristo is not a 'spectator' organization as it needs our participation to flourish. The wonderful and amazing thing is there are so many ways in which we can participate — and they're all important!


Steve Renquist
Minnesota Via de Cristo Convener

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