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Convener's Corner — November 2014

What an exciting time! I recently attended the Clausuras for both the Men's and Women's Weekends in Cloquet. The anticipation of the afternoon serenade to the weekenders and then welcoming them to their 4th Day caused me to reflect back on my own weekend and re-live that Sunday afternoon experience. Listening to the weekenders share how they were impacted and what they plan to do going forward is truly a motivator. I would like to use this edition of the Convener's Corner as a Call to Action. The Call to Action is this – use the remainder of this year and 2015 to embrace what you took away from your Via de Cristo Weekend related to Piety, Study and Action. Consider the following:

There are many opportunities to continue the growth of this ministry. Our goal as a ministry is to develop leaders. Please use your Via de Cristo experience to further this goal.


Bob Cedergren
Minnesota Via de Cristo Convener

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