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Convener's Corner — March 2014

We Are Part of Something Great!

As this winter has dragged on, I was beginning to wonder if our family's recent move to northern Minnesota was the right choice. Above average snowfall…record low temperatures…longest stretch of days below zero since they've been keeping track of such things. But now the temperatures have crept into the low 20s and the days are getting longer. Yes, life is truly good. Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I get excited about the change of seasons. The slumber of winter goes away, and the renewed growth of spring begins. Plants blossom, birds sing, the sun is warm; spring is a great time of the year.

As excited as I get about springtime, I am even more excited about Via de Cristo and the role that this ministry plays for so many people. Via de Cristo, like spring, can energize us and cause us to grow in ways we have not imagined. The excitement created during our weekend can carry forward to our everyday life. Participating in a renewal group, working on a team, attending an ultreya, sponsoring someone, or supporting the ministry through palanca are all ways to keep Via de Cristo vibrant and moving forward. As I think back to all the good memories and friendships that have developed through Via de Cristo, I can't help but count the blessings that I've received and acknowledge that we are truly part of something great! Praise the Lord for this ministry.

Via de Cristo does not slow down during the winter months; in fact, quite the opposite. Many things have been going on, and several more will take place over the next few months. We have held several weekends, the South District has successfully acquired a new trailer for storage of supplies used on their weekends, ultreyas have been held in each of our Districts, we just wrapped up a successful Annual Appeal, ballots will soon be sent to all members of the 4th Day Community to elect new Council members, and delegates are signing up for the NLS Annual Meeting in July in Baltimore, Maryland. Yes, we are truly part of something great.

In closing, I encourage all of us to use this gift of Via de Cristo as a vehicle for personal growth. If you are not in a renewal group, seek one out or start one. Embrace the three legs of the stool - piety, study, and action; incorporate them into your daily routine. Share the ministry with someone else. They will be glad you did, and so will you.


Bob Cedergren
Minnesota Via de Cristo Convener

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