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Convener's Corner — January 2014

The Best Christmas Present Ever

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! It always seems that this time of year is very hectic with shopping, work, family, celebrations, etc., so I am hopeful that each of you had an opportunity to take some time to relax and enjoy Christmas. As an adult, it is always exciting to watch children open their gifts. The pure joy shown on their faces is priceless. I think this is an important part of Christmas. I also truly enjoy attending Christmas Eve worship, and even though I have heard the story of our Savior's birth more than 40 times, I am still in awe of the majesty of it all. To know that Christ was born for each of us is truly amazing. His birth was the best Christmas present that could ever be imagined! This gift that we have been given is something that we cannot keep for ourselves. It must be shared.

I believe that is what Via de Cristo is all about - it, too, is a gift with which we have been blessed, and it needs to be shared with others. Make this year the one in which you will take the gift of Via de Cristo and share it with someone else - through active participation in a Renewal Group, by sponsoring a Weekender, by participating on a team, by giving Palanca, or by praying for Via de Cristo. There are many opportunities to share Via de Cristo. There is still time to contribute to the Annual Appeal, there are Weekends coming up, and maybe there is someone who would like to join your Renewal Group, but just needs to be asked. Take a few minutes during the next week to determine how you will share the Via de Cristo gift this year with someone else.

Blessings to all!

Bob Cedergren
Minnesota Via de Cristo Convener

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