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Convener's Corner — November 2012

Excitement is in the air and it is all about the Good News of Jesus Christ! This is truly an exciting time in our ministry. Not only are the seasons changing outside which brings with it a lot of activity in our personal lives as we prepare for winter, but this time of year also includes a lot of activity in Via de Cristo. It is the time of year when several of our Weekends are held which means that our community of Christian leaders continues to grow.

Towards the end of October, Weekends were held in both the Northern District in Duluth and also in the Metro District in Coon Rapids. The Southern District is also in final preparations for the upcoming co-ed Weekend in November. And we can’t forget that teams are already forming for the Weekends that will be held in early 2013.

Yes, this is truly an exciting time for Via de Cristo. I am hopeful that each of you captures some of this excitement in your own life. Take a few minutes to think back on your Weekend and remember the excitement and joy you felt as you left that Weekend experience.

Jump ahead to where you are today and see if you still have that same level of excitement. If you do, continue to spread it to others.

On the other hand, if you have lost a little bit of that excitement, take some action to get it back. Maybe it is confiding in your Renewal Group that you need a boost. If you are not in a Renewal Group, now is the time to join one or form one. Your church liaison can help you.

Maybe you need to sponsor someone or work a team. Both of these work miracles to get that excitement back. Or maybe you need to step forward and take on a leadership role in your church.

Whatever it is for you, my Thanksgiving Prayer for each member of the 4th Day is that each day we count our blessings, remember that we are saved, and that we have within us the leadership capabilities to continue to spread the Good News in our own lives and through this ministry.

Blessings to all,

Bob Cedergren
Minnesota Via de Cristo Convener

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