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Convener's Corner — June 2012

I feel truly privileged and honored to serve as Convener for Lutheran Via de Cristo of Minnesota. Having served on the Council for two years already, I have truly come to appreciate the gifts and passion that each member of the council has for this ministry. As I prepared for my first council meeting, I began to reflect back on my weekend – #271 in January 1997 at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in St. Paul. Like that weekend, I was a little unsure of what the role of Convener would bring. What I am sure of though is that this next year will bring many mountain top experiences just like my weekend.

I do know that of the thousands of people that have gone through a Via de Cristo weekend, many have gone back to their churches and become even greater leaders within their church community. After all, that is what this ministry is calling us to be – leaders in our own communities. During my term as Convener, the Council has three simple goals. The first goal is to energize the 4th Day Community. The second is to increase the attendance on our weekends. And the third is to stick to the basics of a weekend. I am convinced that we will accomplish all three of these goals with God as our leader. Each one of these goals will be highlighted over the next three months as part of my Convener’s Corner.

In the meantime, I would ask each member of the 4th Day Community to reflect back to their own weekend and remember the highlight of their weekend. Maybe it was the Agape Dinner, or the Stations of the Cross, or the Sunday morning or Sunday afternoon serenade, or maybe finally getting the words to De Colores. Whatever the high was on your weekend, I ask that you remember this feeling. Who else needs to have that same feeling or experience what you experienced? Who have you been thinking about sponsoring? Who are the leaders in your church? Be bold and talk to those individuals about Via de Cristo! Find the weekend that works for them and become their sponsor. Don’t keep Via de Cristo a secret – it is definitely worth sharing!

In God’s grace!

Bob Cedergren
Minnesota Via de Cristo Convener

...If God is for us, who can be against us?
Romans 8:31

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