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Convener's Corner — April 2012

Via de Cristo Mission Statement:
By grace, with the Holy Spirit, we challenge leaders to discover and achieve their personal calling, assisting them to influence their environments with the Gospel.

As part of the Via de Cristo ministry, we seek out leaders who will return from their weekends to change their environments. Among these leaders, there will be certain ones whom Christ will select for special service within the Via de Cristo ministry. These are the individuals who serve on weekend teams, are the ones who sponsor, lead the Ultreyas, and are the ones responsible for establishing new secretariats.

Not everyone who attends a weekend should be expected to serve on a team or become a leader in Via de Cristo. Our true mission is to send weekenders back to their environments so they can minister on the "front lines" ... their homes, their churches, their workplaces, their communities. Good leaders are committed disciples first — Via de Cristo leaders second.

As I leave the Council and my years of Via de Cristo leadership behind, I ask that each of you pray about sponsoring your friends/family for no other purpose than to share the joy and grace of a weekend with Christ — in hopes that they will take this back to their regular lives and know that they are equipped to serve.

I, also, thank each of you for your prayers for and support of the efforts of the Council to consistently bring grace-filled weekends to our Christian friends. He has called us all for His purposes and I thank you for allowing me to journey with you.

Dance in His grace!!

Wendy Showalter
Out-going Convener

I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Ephesians 4:1

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