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Convener's Corner — March 2012

“Living Stones”

In the 11th chapter of Genesis, we learn about the people who wanted to build a tall tower – tall enough to reach the heavens – so to talk with God and to be great themselves. In those days, men made bricks of earthly materials (straw & mud) – extremely vulnerable to weather and time. And what happened to that tower?? What happens to most things we make or do on our own today? How vulnerable are they to environment and time? How important do we want to be?

In 1 Peter, Chapter 2, we read that Jesus is the “Living Stone.” He is heaven-made – impervious to the ravages of this world and immortal. What He has done – what He continues to do – was the Father’s plan and is everlasting.

I believe that His plan for each of us is to be Living Stones in our churches, communities, families and within the Via de Cristo ministry. We have been chosen by God and entrusted with gifts and talents to use to His glory. The return benefits far exceed the efforts.

Please pray about becoming more active in your home church and this ministry. Sponsor a friend, host an Ultreya, be bold and serve on your District Sub-Committee.

Be a Living Stone. Remember…..Christ is counting on you.

Wendy Showalter

I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Ephesians 4:1

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